We want to start a new conversation about alcohol. Last year we did exactly that. These are some of the things people told us about their Dry January experience:

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I think we all signed up to do this to try and cut down on the amount of alcohol we drink and to change our routine. It has certainly helped me do that, realistically im not going to have a dry Feb, March or any month after that but I know that after Jan im going to be drinking a lot less than I was before.


From February I pledge to rest my poor old liver Mon-Weds every week. I was sinking half a bottle through habit EVERY night before I did this. I hope I have reset my clock.


More energy, more cash in the pocket and dropped over half a stone! What’s not to like about this?


Feeling so much better about my relationship with booze, and will also be carrying on with much reduced consumption. I was definitely one of those stressed mothers reaching for the pinot at wine o’clock every night, but am so relieved to have realised I don’t NEED it every day.


Thank you dry January, you have been great – this month has helped me reassess and break some unhealthy drinking habits – I feel better than I have in years (despite one slip up) I will definitely go forward with a much healthier attitude to all things alcohol!